Is The World Ending? According To Nostradamus

Quatrains by Nostradamus warn of worldwide natural disasters in the year 2012, according to the History Channel’s documentary, Nostradamus 2012. Global warming is nigh.

History Channel aired a documentary in 2009 about the predictions of famous prophet and astrologer, Michel de Nostradamus. Nostradamus 2012, a two-hour look at the prophesies of the end of the world, discusses the possibility of global natural disasters.

Quatrains are four-line poems that Michel de Nostradamus used when writing his famous predictions for the future. The prophecies of Nostradamus were often vague and couched in colorful, ambiguous language so as to escape censorship and ire from the Christian church in the mid 1500s.


Predictions of Worldwide Famine

Nostradamus predicted drought and disaster along 48 degrees latitude around the world. His quatrains reference a lack of food, and great famine. Most of the grain belts are found at this latitude. Lack of food from the major breadbaskets of the world — largely in the United States — would result in worldwide famine. Famine is mentioned numerous times in the quatrains of Nostradamus.


According to an interview of author John Hogue in the History Channel’s documentary, Nostradamus 2012, if the U.S. were to stop supplying food to the world 100 countries would be affected and 400,000 people would die in just one short year on the continent of Africa alone.

End of the World Predictions of Supervolcanoes Erupting

The quatrains of Nostradamus refer to eruptions of volcanoes and destruction during the end times.

The supervolcano in Yellowstone Park has already moved into the “red zone,” according to Lawrence Joseph, author of Apocalypse 2012. Joseph also asserts that a climax of solar activity can trigger the eruption of volcanoes on earth.

Nostradamus Prophecies of Deadly Tsunami Waves

In 2004, 150,000 people were killed in the tsunami wave from an unusual earthquake in the Pacific Ocean. The quatrains of Nostradamus could be interpreted to have predicted this deadly wave, as it speaks of dead fish and water far inland.

Perhaps the quatrains refer to this event that has already occurred, or perhaps another tsunami will result from a magnetic pole shift, as some scientists fear.

Global Warming and Extreme Weather Predicted by Nostradamus

The quatrains also refer to global warming, as Nostradamus mentions seas heating up, rising, and extreme storms. Some experts interpret his quatrains to have referred specifically to Hurricane Katrina.

Those who believe in Nostradamus’ doomsday prophecies point to the extreme weather observed in the increasingly severe tornado seasons in the midwest of America, the increased severity of the hurricanes over the past decade, and the unusual areas of drought and flooding.

Predictions of Magnetic Pole Shift

Nostradamus’ quatrains allude to blackouts and cataclysmic events caused by a magnetic pole reversal of the Earth.

In the documentary Nostradamus 2012, scientists explain that the Earth’s magnetic field has reversed in the past, and could reverse again. The Earth is currently going through a phase where the magnetic field is weakening due to the solar system’s orbit in the galaxy.

If the magnetic poles were to reverse in the planet, according to scientists, it would trigger a major collapse of all electromagnetic fields including cell phones, and all electronics.

Although many of Nostradamus’ predictions were filled with dire warnings of cataclysmic disasters of famine, war, extreme weather and more, he did leave a message of hope. The hope lies in mankind’s gift of free will. Nostradamus suggests that mankind can choose to slow or even halt global warming; mankind can choose to mature spiritually and prevent war, and mankind can choose to write its own fate in the Book of Life.

Here is a complete list of authors and experts that were interviewed in the 2009 documentary, Nostradamus 2012.





Revolts In Gulf & African Countries, Tsunami In Indonesia, Tsunami In Japan, Economic Recession: Are We On Road To 2012 Prophecies?

Alot has been published about the end of the world since even before the 19th century. One topic they always discuss is about 2012 prophecy. All are now aware more or less what these mean to us. Being aware of 2012 predictions can’t be that bad. But before getting scared, let us first understand what they are about and where all these stories came from. We need to specify though that all of these stories about the 2012 prophecy are given for you to read for the purpose of being aware and ready. Making you afraid of these given stories and facts is not their intention.

One prediction that captured the interest of many is the Mayan 2012 prophecy. The Mayan prophecy states that this is the time for all human beings to unite once again for peace and tranquility. The Mayans were said to have an advanced knowledge about astronomy, engineering, and most especially mathematics. They have various calendars that were used in order to track time in linear progressions within cycles. The said calendar equates to 5,125.36 years. It was said on that calendar count that the great cycle is to be completed on the winter solstice of the 21st of December in the year 2012. Some scientists and great teachers interpreted this, that when this Great cycle ends, the earth will also come to an end. But some who interpreted the 2012 prophecy said that this is the start of a new age. This is a significant time for the human race to have a dramatical change physically and mentally.

Scientists and scholars also talk about one possibility on how the Earth and the solar system will suffer in the year 2012. They alarmed us for decades about the slow but continuous deterioration of our ozone layer. With this given fact, we can all agree that our planet Earth is conducive to all kinds of foreign bodies floating in our solar system. These objects are called comets and asteroids. They are small planets that are icy rock and said to be left over from a solar system. Another 2012 prophecy is said that a big asteroid will hit our planet Earth. Usually, these objects are dissolved or burned out when it passes our atmosphere. But because our ozone layer is thinning, there is a big possibility that an asteroid will hit our planet that will cause so much destruction. One of the significant times this occurred was when the dinosaurs were wiped out. The surface of the moon is an example of such impacts. The craters that they see now on the moon are already seen on our surface. Astronomers say that one-mass extinction of life is observed when an asteroid hits a planet. If this 2012 prophecy happens, the Earth will not have much luck in surviving just like the age of dinosaurs. This is why our ozone layer is important to us.

The Bible also talks about the end of the world. Many are challenged to devote their time in unlocking the Bible code just to understand fully well the apocalypse. The prediction states that a comet will hit the earth by 2012. The Wormwood as referred to in the Bible is said to be a comet. A lot of people have agreed that God himself made it possible for us to see what will come in the future. Bible codes are to be found only in the first five books written by Moses. One important clue that somehow will lead you to believe the Mayan calendar in 2012, is the statement “The tongue of fire”. This is very significant with regards to an apocalyptic event that is about to happen in the future. The Bible Code 2012 prophecy states, that there is a large stone-like comet that will pass Earth. Scholars who have unlocked the Bible codes said that the event written in the Bible is closely related to what the Mayans have prophesied for years.

Nostradamus is considered as one of the first to reveal to the world a very famous 2012 prophecy. The prophecy states that “The king of terror will come from the sky”. This “great king of terror” is called a comet. A lot of people referred this as the comet planet, NIBIRU, which the NASA had discovered in the year 1999. Nostradamus said it’s between 2006-2012 AD that this ancient comet planet will come. This is the same thing with the Bible code where the comet’s impact was found in the year 2010-2012 AD. This is also true with reference to the Mayan calendar wherein the comet planet will first be seen by an earth-based observatory in 2010 AD and its impact on the year 2012 AD. This is what they call “Doomsday”.

Another of the many popular predictions is the third prophecy of Fatima. This was dated on the 13th of May, 1917, when three children received a series of three visions believed to be from the Virgin Mary. These children were blessed to have seen things that will come in the future. Some of what they saw had already happened of which includes, the rise and fall of communism in Russia, and the possible assassination of Pope John Paul 2. What was frightening to all of us is their third prophecy which was the rise of evil, violence and immorality in the world, and a global persecution of the church. One of three children wrote to the Vatican in 1945 revealing their 3rd prophecy. She spoke to the Pope about “great fire to come upon Earth”. It was also said that The Vatican still withholds any information about this prophecy.

These 2012 prophecies are considered a reminder for us that if there is life, there is also death. This is also a warning for us to live according to what our conscience tells us. Predictions for 2012 are given to us not to be frightened, but rather help each other in any way for the preparation of the new age.