Is The World Ending? According To Nostradamus

Quatrains by Nostradamus warn of worldwide natural disasters in the year 2012, according to the History Channel’s documentary, Nostradamus 2012. Global warming is nigh.

History Channel aired a documentary in 2009 about the predictions of famous prophet and astrologer, Michel de Nostradamus. Nostradamus 2012, a two-hour look at the prophesies of the end of the world, discusses the possibility of global natural disasters.

Quatrains are four-line poems that Michel de Nostradamus used when writing his famous predictions for the future. The prophecies of Nostradamus were often vague and couched in colorful, ambiguous language so as to escape censorship and ire from the Christian church in the mid 1500s.


Predictions of Worldwide Famine

Nostradamus predicted drought and disaster along 48 degrees latitude around the world. His quatrains reference a lack of food, and great famine. Most of the grain belts are found at this latitude. Lack of food from the major breadbaskets of the world — largely in the United States — would result in worldwide famine. Famine is mentioned numerous times in the quatrains of Nostradamus.


According to an interview of author John Hogue in the History Channel’s documentary, Nostradamus 2012, if the U.S. were to stop supplying food to the world 100 countries would be affected and 400,000 people would die in just one short year on the continent of Africa alone.

End of the World Predictions of Supervolcanoes Erupting

The quatrains of Nostradamus refer to eruptions of volcanoes and destruction during the end times.

The supervolcano in Yellowstone Park has already moved into the “red zone,” according to Lawrence Joseph, author of Apocalypse 2012. Joseph also asserts that a climax of solar activity can trigger the eruption of volcanoes on earth.

Nostradamus Prophecies of Deadly Tsunami Waves

In 2004, 150,000 people were killed in the tsunami wave from an unusual earthquake in the Pacific Ocean. The quatrains of Nostradamus could be interpreted to have predicted this deadly wave, as it speaks of dead fish and water far inland.

Perhaps the quatrains refer to this event that has already occurred, or perhaps another tsunami will result from a magnetic pole shift, as some scientists fear.

Global Warming and Extreme Weather Predicted by Nostradamus

The quatrains also refer to global warming, as Nostradamus mentions seas heating up, rising, and extreme storms. Some experts interpret his quatrains to have referred specifically to Hurricane Katrina.

Those who believe in Nostradamus’ doomsday prophecies point to the extreme weather observed in the increasingly severe tornado seasons in the midwest of America, the increased severity of the hurricanes over the past decade, and the unusual areas of drought and flooding.

Predictions of Magnetic Pole Shift

Nostradamus’ quatrains allude to blackouts and cataclysmic events caused by a magnetic pole reversal of the Earth.

In the documentary Nostradamus 2012, scientists explain that the Earth’s magnetic field has reversed in the past, and could reverse again. The Earth is currently going through a phase where the magnetic field is weakening due to the solar system’s orbit in the galaxy.

If the magnetic poles were to reverse in the planet, according to scientists, it would trigger a major collapse of all electromagnetic fields including cell phones, and all electronics.

Although many of Nostradamus’ predictions were filled with dire warnings of cataclysmic disasters of famine, war, extreme weather and more, he did leave a message of hope. The hope lies in mankind’s gift of free will. Nostradamus suggests that mankind can choose to slow or even halt global warming; mankind can choose to mature spiritually and prevent war, and mankind can choose to write its own fate in the Book of Life.

Here is a complete list of authors and experts that were interviewed in the 2009 documentary, Nostradamus 2012.





Prophecies, Predictions For 2011-2012

Islamophobia Will Grow around The World. Muslims Will Make Islam Worst, Cruel, Violent, Intolerant Religions Of The 21st century.Followers Of Islam will be unwelcomed around the world & Muslims will face Dislike and Discriminati

on in Every Nation in 2011.Saudi Arabia UAE Iran Kuwait Qatar Indonesia

Pakistan will Continue to Support Fund Islamic Terrorism Around The World aimed at the Revival of Islams Global Ascendancy & Eventual Domination but will meet with Great failure & destruction. Millions Of Muslims Will


Die around The World As punishment from Allah.Many Of the Young Muslims Will Abandon Islam In The Future due to its Distortion and misinterpretation.


Space Exploration and Tourism Will grow. India, China, Russia, USA will Reach  for the Planets & Space stations.For Science will make Rapid Strides with building of fast Rockets with great speed & landing on moon by 2025. & 2040 Four Nations will reach Moon for Scientific Research, Finding Minerals & human settlement.Fossil Fuels Will be Replaced with New Generation Fuels made from Atoms ,Hydrogen & Solar Energy in the future.Space Tourism Will Grow in Future.


America & China Will face More Natural Disasters like Tornadoes Hurricanes Typhoons Torrential Rains Snow Storms Floods Earthquakes leading to much destruction of lives & property.Barack Obama Ratings will fall in 2011 & American Economy will weaken. People Of America Will loose faith in Obama but he will be a good president America has seen. Influence Of America Will Decline In World affairs.America will continue to sell weapons to Pakistan and thereby endangering world peace.American Wrong Policies will continue to promote terrorism & Islamic Extremism, Instability In The World, killing of its own Citizens & Soldiers throughout the world by Pakistan based terrorist groups.Unemployment will increase in USA in future.American government will make America the nation of hypocrites. India & America will Work together in future to make Great achievements in the field of science, Space and Economy. Any Country  of the world Who will Run Their Goverments on Guidance and Support From America And China Will Invite Chaos And Suffering.

China’s Hegemony Will Grow Around The World In International Affairs & Chinese Government Will Indulge in False Propaganda against countries and hoodwink its own public. China will be great threat to world peace and will provoke, Adopt Coercive policies,Threaten its neighbours & create misunderstanding among nations of The World.It will Clandestinely Sell Dangerous missiles and Nuke technology to many rogue nations to destabilize the world peace and being irresponsible nations.China will be a great threat to America, Japan, India and other smaller nations in 2011. China Will Never Be A Great Country In The Future but Great Economy. It will face more Disgrace,Unrest & Violent Uprisings in its country.It Will Continue To persecute Torture Execute its people and many religious and spiritual groups leaders in labor camps & secret prisons. Tibetan Buddhists, Muslim Uighurs, and underground Protestants and Catholics will be Arrested & killed. China will Also Secretly prepare to Attack India in Few Years & Fuel Insurgency supplying weapons and give Support, training to Terrorists.There will be great rise in Suicides, divorces in china.Chinese government and companies will Counterfeit Goods of major countries of the world and sell them under fake names & ;labels of countries.China will face floods , man made disasters & Extreme Temperatures fury and many people will be displaced & affected.China will also interfere in internal affairs of smaller countries.It will become most Deceitful, Disliked & Untrustworthy nations of the world.

India Will Be The Great Power by 2035 Spiritually Economically Militarily.Indian Economy Will Have Slowdown in 2011 With its GDP Growth Rea

ching 8.0% .Great Scientific Discoveries will be made by Indians Throughout the world. It will become one of the Richest Countries of The world. India’s Great Sanatana Dharma, Yoga, Spirituality, Popularity Will Soar Worldwide.Inflation & Interest Rates Will Continue to be High In 2011 in India & government of india will lie to its people bymanipulating Statistics.Stock Markets Will Touch New Heights But will Decline in middle of 2011.Gold and Silver prices will also Rise.Crime Will Soar In India 2011, Prostitution & Drug Peddling and Mafia will flourish under the goverment protection. Goverment of india will Lie to its own public.


European Countries will see their economy getting weaker with a slowdown in 2011 and public revolting against their own governments shameless and immoral government heads.Unemployment will increase in Europe. Famous Politicians loosing elections with humiliating defeats.Much of the World discovery’s , Inventions, Jobs Will Come from China and India.Western Countries will face much extreme weather conditions bringing life to standstill and economic loss.

ollywood Movies Will become More Popular Throughout The

World And actors will achieve world recognition. International Celebrity Aishwarya Rai Will Find It Difficult To Be a Mother And Conceive A Child.
Kareena Kapoor And Saif Ali Khan Will Not have Happy Married Life in The Future.

Shah Rukh Khan will Struggle in his Career as a Film Actor in Bollywood  in 2011 and suffer from illhealth and so will his family members.

Medical Science Will Make Rapid strides & there will be Breakthrough In Medicine in Times To come. Cures & Treatment For Some Types of Major Diseases & Cancers Will Be found By Man.
There will No Nuclear War In The Future nor There will be World war III in the future. Earth will gradually move towards peace after much Annihilation of Evil and humans.All Predictions and Doomsday prophecies for the destruction of life on Earth and End of the World  in 2012 will turn out to be false and untrue.Peaceful Use of Of Nuclear Energy Will Grow Around The World.More and more nuclear power will be used around the world. Any Country or organization using Nuclear Weapons for a Nuclear attack on any country will be punished  by god with self destruction and complete ruin.
Many Of the Top Al Qaeda & Taliban Terrorist Will get killed In Pakistan and Afghanistan. But Pakistan Military Will Continue to Train ,Fund More Terrorists In Training Camps Inside Pakistan to Spread Terror & Blackmail Around The World. Frustrated Pakistan Army & ISI will Secretly Continue to Support Dangerous Terrorist Groups like Lashkar- E- Toiba & Other Terrorist Organizations to Attack With Terrorist Bombings & subversive activities In India, Afghanistan and kill Indians, Americans & Europeans in 2011.There will no Peace and security in the world till the Pakistani ISI & Pakistan Army are Restructured and Dismantled or are Destroyed. Pakistan Army And ISI Will Train More Islamic Terrorists & Pakistani Citizens & Muslims of Other Nations To Kill Americans Europeans British French Indians Germans Australians Chinese Afghans Israelis, Russians and blackmail their Governments.It Will Create Much  bloodshed in Afghanistan & instability by killing afghans.American Tax Payers Money will be looted and misused by Pakistan Army for Islamic Terrorism against Europe, Americans, Indians and the world and filling their Generals pockets.
Asia, Indonesia and Philippines will face more natural disasters, storms, Floods, Earthquakes leading to displacement & suffering of its citizens.
There will be Rise in Corruption throughout the world. People around the world will make violent demonstrations around the world against their goverments.

World Will See Three Great Economies in times to come Lead By India being first, China Second And America being third by 2035.

World Oil Prices & Commodity prices will rise but will get moderated in the middle of 2011.

South America will see More Floods, Earthquakes, Diseases Outbreaks unrest & soaring crime rate and gang wars.Their Economy will rise

Iran Politicians will take iran to misery and suffering.Iran will promote  Islamic terrorism in Afganistan & Iraq, supply weapons and explosives to jihadis  to kill Americans and Nato forces and promote instability in Afganistan.There will be more sanctions for iranian people & their life more difficult.

World Scientists will agree with findings of Indian Scriptures that there are other Species,Beings and Aliens in solar system, planets that require no  Atmosphere ,water and air like Humans to Exist.Discovery will come in times to come. Powers of human Mind Will Grow as it will be unveiled and will become stronger.

Myth, Conspiracy Or What?

The Mayan, or Maya people are perhaps the most mysterious of all of the ancient civilizations that have disappeared from the face of the earth…what we don’t know about Mayans outweighs what we do know about them by about 100 times – That’s pretty substantial, to say the least.
A few of the things that we do know about the Mayans was that they were smart…Incredibly so.
So smart in fact that they created (perhaps) one of the first written languages based solely upon mathematical principals rather than symbols and designs made to imply a commonly understood idea…So, they were very smart with math…and just saying “They were smart with math” doesn’t even begin to encompass how smart.

Another thing we know is that the Mayans were as knowledgeable about the pattern of stars and constellations as we are today, if not more…

Here comes the kicker…

Their calendar was (is) so accurate that it told the future…(Fact)…Predicting the exact time of such events as Solar and Lunar Eclipses, Dynamic changes in the heavens such as Super-Novae and Black Holes, Extended extreme weather forecasts far into their own future…And, are you ready?…

The Maya Calendar Ends on 12/21/2012.

This is not a theory, it’s not even an educated guess – That the most advanced calendar of all timeends in our very near future is a solid and confirmable fact.


The Age of Aquarius

There are many in the Astrological community (If you can take them seriously) who believe that the Age of Pisces ends soon and the Age of Aquarius begins…Can you guess on what date?
Now, if you can stop humming that uber-annoying song by Hair for a moment – I’ll continue…
If you pay any sort of attention to what the crystal-wearer’s are mumbling as you pass them on the street corner; you would know a little of the following…

1. Prior to the Age of Aquarius is the Age of Pisces – most commonly associated with the fish symbol that represents Jesus (And gets torn gleefully from the bumper of the faithful’s cars while they attend service) – The Age of Pisces is most notably seen as an era where Man is told what to think, how to feel, what to say and how to live, again, in a nutshell…I guess this could be seen in a few different ways…The Church telling people how things should be, The Government telling people how things should be, The People telling the People how things should be…take it at your own speed, I can’t say I understand it…my point out of all this gobbledy-gook is what I’ll hit on in a moment…

2. The Age of Aquarius (In a nutshell) is supposed to be a period of time where man is no longer imposed upon by the powers that be – whatever those powers may be – and that the mind would be opened up so that people could live freely in the mind, spirit and body…again, this in a very brief and tiny nutshell…

Anywho, all of these changes are supposed to take place, according to some, on a specific date…that’s right, you got it…12/21/2012.

The Singularity
The date of 12/21/2012 also presents a Mathematical Certainty or Singularity which is not very widely understood but is discussed briefly:

I’ll try and give you an instructional walkthrough that points out the major issues of this Singularity…
1. Some mathematicians have plotted the asymptotic graphs of all of humanity’s technological developments and projected them out to a point where they all, almost simultaneously – Hit infinity…The day that they arrived at is 12/21/2012 – the one projected date of “The Singularity.”
This day is when some say Everything as we know it will change. Drastically.

*Stick with me on this next one…it may take you a while to wrap your head around it…*

2. If we take a look at some of the Species-Altering events in our history, we can see three MAJOR developments that changed the entire course of Human History.

*The Agricultural Revolution, 30,000 years ago we learned how to farm.

*The Industrial Revolution, 350 years ago we learned how to mass-produce machines.

*The Information Revolution, About 50 years ago we learned how to build computers.

As you can see, the rate of change is increasing; as is our abilities afforded by the changes.
With computers, we have the ability to build more efficient things, fly planes and spaceships, educate more people, etc…Each of these enabling technologies will build further development, and at a faster rate…But to what point?

According to the mathematical model, we should see approximately 61 more of these Species-Altering developments before 12/21/2012 and all of the changes will have the same magnitude as the three noted above.
Again, it’s only a model.

But, the mathematical model predicts that 18 of these changes will be on the last day prior to 12/21/2012, and that 13 of these changes are to happen in the last FRACTION OF A SECOND of 12/20/2012, as things accelerate towards that infinity point – The Singularity.

I won’t give you my own version of how things could go down, I’m sure you can create your own.

The Bible Code

The date 12/21/2012 also makes an appearance in the much-disputed Bible Code.
If you haven’t read anything about the Bible Code I would recommend it, I’m not ready to tell you that I believe in it totally – but I will say that the Bible Code has (apparently) predicted many major events, such as assassinations of major world and religious leaders, disasters – both unpredicted and planned and many, many dates.
One of which is of course 12/21/2012.

In the Bible Code the 21st day of the 12 month of the year two-thousand-and-twelve is criss-crossed by the words “EARTH DESTROYED”.

Now, I don’t know what all this means, I don’t even know if I’m going to think about it again after I finish with this article – But I do know that all of these small points do seem to line up and point to a certain date.
Does all this mean that the earth will be destroyed?
That all man will be wiped out and our beautiful planet will be turned into a lifeless rock?
Or does it mean that the world as we know it will change, for better or worse…Not that we’ll die, Not that life will cease…But, just change?

Come Sinner, Come Saint…I welcome your thoughts on the END…whatever that may be.