Mobile Apps Market in Afghanistan

Mobile industry in Afghanistan is in its initial stages and the industry is growing wide and wide from root sectors to government, private and education sectors. Recent development has been made in Mobile apps which is listed as bellow;

1. Paywast – An SMS based social networking system allowing subscribers to create open and closed groups and communicate among each other. A premium version of the system allows organizations to create their own private groups and communicate messages among employees.

Category: Mobile Social Networking
Mobile Technology: SMS

2. MTN Life Style Services – The MTN Lifestyle Services center is a call center where MTN subscribers can call to get professional advice and consulting on the following issues:

a. Health / Mobile Health
b. Legal Services / Mobile Lawyer

The MTN customers can dial into the specified numbers (e.g 5050) to benefit from these services. The service itself is free and the only charges that the customers pay are the normal call charges.

Category: LifeStyle (Health, Legal)
Mobile Technology: IVR

3. M-Paisa ( – m-paisa is a mobile to mobile money transfer service started by one of the leading GSM operators in Afghanistan. They have been in operation for last 2 years or more with some success of adoption.

Category: Mobile Money
Mobile Technology: Built inside the SIM, SMS (?)

4. ExpressPay Mobile Kiosk – An innovative service by Marikh Telecom utilizing mobile technologies allowing citizens to pay and receive various types of services through a mobile kiosk. Services currently rendered are purchase of mobile phone credits from selected GSM operators (Etisalat, Roshan, MTN and Afghan Telecom). The company plans to introduce various other payment services such as utility bills payment, tax payments and more.

Category: Mobile Payment
Mobile Technology: GPRS, POS Device

5. M-Hawala ( This is a similar to m-paisa service, recently started by Etisalat Afghanistan, another GSM operator in Afghanistan

Category: Mobile Payment
Mobile Technology: Not enough information

6. 456 Service – This is an SMS and IVR based service started by and its related media network. The service is used for mobile voting, mobile surveys, listening to news, music, and many other services.

Category: Infotainment
Mobile Technology: IVR, SMS

7. 455 Service – Also started by and its related media network. It is a business directory service recently started. Businesses register with this service and anyone could call to get information about a business, its address, contacts etc.

Category: Business Directory
Mobile Technology: IVR, SMS

8. SMS Alert service by Banks -A few banks including Azizi Bank, Ghazanfar Bank, Kabul Bank has implemented 1 way SMS alert for any account related activities. E.g when a deposit is made or withdrawal is done, an sms alert is sent to the account holder.

Category: Alerts
Mobile Technology: SMS

9. SMS Banking – A few local banks have implemented basic SMS banking services, which allows customers to learn about their bank balance. This has very limited use.

Category: Mobile Banking
Mobile Technology: SMS

10. 3131 Service – This is a service started by Kabul Bank. Kabul Bank account holders can call this number to purchase air tickets to various destinations with special discount. The bank would directly debit the caller‟s (bank customer) bank accounts.

Category: Phone Banking
Mobile Technology: IVR

11. SMS Job Alerts – This is a project in progress by our local partner, NETLINKS. Registered users on website will get job alerts on jobs matching their profile. They can also apply for those jobs provided they have a complete resume on upon receipt of the SMS from the users will apply for that particular job on behalf of the jobseeker. The same service will also be extended to the government‟s jobs portal (, which is a portal, used by The Civil Service Commission of Afghanistan.

Category: Alerts
Mobile Technology: SMS

12. Da Breshna Sherkat SMS Bills Notification – Da Breshna Sherkat which is a government owned enterprise is developing an SMS application to alert its users on their electricity bills and payments.

Category: Alerts
Mobile Technology: SMS


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