Arrived Has Arrived


Want to tell your friends that you’ve arrived somewhere, but you’re too lazy to check into Foursquare, Twitter, Instagram, Batch, iMessageor text them? WELL YOU’RE REALLY SAD IN LUCK, EXTREMELY PRIVILEGED PEOPLE, BECAUSE TECHCRUNCH DISRUPT FINALIST ARRIVED HAS ARRIVED IS NOW OUT OF PRIVATE BETA.


In case you didn’t get the memo, Arrived is an iPhone app that notifies people when you get to a certain place, with, get this, no immediate effort from your lonesome. Yeah, I know. Crazy ass modern world right?


Arrived co-founder Matthias Broecheler stands by the fact that a good number of people actually want to do this, “People love to set up arrivals around places like ‘San Francisco’ or ‘Manhattan’ or ‘Central Park’, so that they can be notified when friends arrive there. We spend a lot of time working on a geo-fencing solution that would allow people to arrive in geographic areas of various sizes automatically without draining a user’s battery. We are the first iPhone app we know that does this efficiently. Most apps only do geofencing around places, that is, a geographic point with a small radius around it.”


To use Arrived, download the app and pick a place you want to notify people about. Then pick the people you want to notify about your arrival and voila it just works! I picked a random place (The Ramp, a bar down the street) and then a bunch of random people so my old co-workers are totally going to get a random message one of these days when I’ve forgotten all about this article and I’m walking by there on the way to work. HAH. TAKE THAT OLD COWORKERS.


You can download this thing here.



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