Wall Street, Pixar, Microsoft, Google, Facebook etc are the companies where you would like to work as an employee. You would love to have handsome salary and life pushing packages. Of course, you would like to have a car from company. These are things that we describe the qualities of successful person/professional.

According to Law of nature, Every human wants freedom, peace and prosperity, apart from the humanization which we say effective communication with other human. Here is what i always run off the office environment and would love to have an environment, where no body feels that we are kept 8 hours a day and we can not go out until it is not 4pm. you are free to speak to any one since there is no physical hierarchy between peoples working in an office. you can come to office in any dress, you are comfortable in. you can come office any time you are comfortable, but at least 8 hour a day. and many more..

Here comes a word from dictionary, which is to hard for people to pronounce, does not matter whether he/she is native or not. The word is “Entrepreneurship”, and i always doubt my intellect while writing the word. In fact this word is what you are running after your whole life. Although entrepreneurship is defined different by different people according to their needs and subject of discussion. According to me, entrepreneurship is the quest to live. It is a broad definition, but covers all aspects.

entrepreneurship is the ability of yours to start business with no upfront budget. this sounds awkward. but, what matters is how you are starting your business, what do you care of most and whom you care of most. lets quote an example to fully understand the meaning of the word and try to boost your ideas and turn them into real world profits.

CASE STUDY : (The case study is real from folk stories)

Today we all love to have lays chips. Lays chips is an international brand and heavy food enterprise. How did lays foods got to this brand ? The story is that,

  • The entrepreneur understood the needs of the people of an area and thought to provide a service, almost free.
  • In this case, people started to have chips almost free.
  • in times, when the entrepreneur raised the prices of chips, people were compelled to fulfil their needs and still buy the product.

This was the point, when needs of the people was turned into a giant food company.

in this case studies, we have notices certain lessons ;

  1. Find problems existing in your surrounding.
  2. prioritise the problem.
  3. now identify the problem, which is of the highest priority.
  4. Now, Try to find solutions to that problem, which can be brainstorming.
  5. Propose a final solution to the problem.
  6. Now, present your solution to the problem to a third person, in the form of survey, to gain confidence about the solution.
  7. Finally, When you are confident enough about the solution to the problem, Work on the solution and Try to give out put as you expect.


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