“Transforming the concept of mobility” – ARM-TI OMAP 5 multi-core platform announced

Texas Instruments (TI) announced a new generation of the popular family of OMAP. It is a mobile application platform OMAP 5, which, according to the manufacturer, will transform the way mobile devices such as smartphones are used. It is assumed that the transformation “will make them even more valuable in everyday life.” 

According to TI, the new platform will allow customers to use one device in the office, on the go and at home that provides performance comparable to a PC, but energy consumption will remain at the level of mobile devices. Among the supported technologies, they mentioned new stereoscopic video technology

OMAP5 processors are designed to be produced in 28 nm standards. Compared with their predecessors, they provide a three-fold increase in computing power and five times – in 3D-graphics. Besides, power consumption is reduced by 60%.Software tools simplify the transition from platform OMAP 4. 

The configuration includes two Cortex-A15 cores, clocked at up to 2 GHz, and two Cortex-M4 cores with low power consumption. This allows us to maintain a balance between energy consumption and performance needs. The platform supports up to four cameras operating simultaneously, 3D-video playback, video recording and converting it into 3D-video with a resolution of 1080p. TI OMAP 5 can work with up to 8 GB RAM. The first samples will come to manufacturers in the second half of the year, and the appearance of mass-produced products on the new platform can be expected in the second half of 2012.
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